Romanian escort service netherlands

romanian escort service netherlands

aug. - Authors Note: Below is an exclusive interview with Felicia Anna (pseudonym) a Romanian prostitute working in Amsterdam. I came Intrigued, I checked out her recently launched blog where she offers unique insight into the world of prostitution in Europe, and particularly in the Netherlands. See also. Indeed, it could well be argued that the adult entertainment scene in Bucharest is one of the reasons (along with the absurdly cheap price of beer and cigarettes) that the Romanian capital has become one of the most popular stag night destinations in Europe. The fact that Romanian girls are amongst the more gorgeous in. The sex industry is regulated under normal labour law, which increases protection of the workers from exploitation. The prostitutes have their own trade union. In future, the commercial operation of prostitution services, including escort agencies, will be subject to licensing. All self-employed prostitutes must be registered and.


Sexual exploitation of Romanian girls

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